Wedding Prep: Bridesmaid Boxes


Continuing my series on wedding prep (only a couple months left!), here’s a sneak peak inside the gift boxes I sent to my bridesmaids when I invited them to be part of my bridal party :)


The idea to send little gift boxes to my bridesmaids started with these adorable cards I found in an Etsy shop called Marrygrams. (When you’re planning a wedding, Pinterest and Etsy become your best friends…) Once I purchased the cards to send out to my maids, I got the idea to make cute boxes around them!


Next, I decided to include a swatch of their dress color (“Quartz” from David’s Bridal), so they could get an idea of how it will look before the dresses would arrive a few weeks later. Then, I thought a cute gift to include would be a nail polish that matched the bridesmaid color! I stood in the aisle of the beauty supply store, with the swatch in my hand, and finally matched it to “Lady Like” by Essie.


Then, of course, I needed to include some French macarons–because nothing is more bridal and bloggery than some dainty, classy macarons! Lastly, I included a cheeky poem about how much I appreciate each girl agreeing to be a bridesmaid in my wedding :)

Being a bridesmaid for someone can be a really big pain in the ass (and a huge expense!) so I really wanted to start off the bridesmaid process with something that would make my girls happy and excited to be in my bridal party!





Boxes – Paper Mart. Cards – Marrygrams. Swatches – Davids Bridal. Nail Polish – Essie. Macaron Boxes – Lette Macarons (OU Certified). Crinkle Paper – Vine American Party Store.


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