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When I was working at Annex Magazine, the last issue I officially worked on was the Wanderlust edition. This issue was travel-themed and it was probably the most fun one to have been a part of. The whole staff was super pumped and excited about the content we were working on–because, let’s face it, everybody loves to travel. While I love to be comfortable in my own space, my core self is a restless whirlwind, and sometimes I just need a change of scenery.

0642 edit- 2 compressed0639 edit- 2 compressededit-I think these photos, taken out in Valencia, California, are my favorite ones Jeremy and I have ever shot together. We were out on the West Coast over spring break, and we just decided to hop in the car and drive until we found a cool place to take pictures. We came across this bike path and open field, and we instantly fell in love with the spot! The back-lighting also just happened to be perfect (although it sort of highlights how messy my hair was that day…), so all-in-all I’d say I’m really proud of how these turned out.

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  1. Abi N. says

    You are so inspiring I follow your blog all the time, especially your instagram! keep up all your great work, your life is so cool!!

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