In the age of social media and fast-fashion, it’s become pretty hard to dress uniquely–it seems like so many people are following the same trends and clamoring for the same Chloe handbag and Adidas Superstars. The best way to find a piece that’s truly unique and special? Shop vintage!




The other huge upside of shopping vintage is that the quality of product is much higher. I mean, if something has lasted 20, 30, or 40+ years, and is in good condition, the material must be pretty sturdy!

I got this 100% silk blouse from Golden Age Vintage in Los Angeles–it’s vintage Dior–and I can wear it with complete confidence that I won’t run into anyone else wearing the same one.


IMG_2930-edit_IMG_2926-edit_IMG_2958-edit_IMG_2956-edit_IMG_2904-edit_IMG_2892-edit_Blouse – Golden Age Vintage. Bag – Kate Spade (similar here). Shoes – Michael Kors (similar here). Sunglasses – Oak.



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