B&W Aztec


Ok, I’m finally ready to admit it: I’m not in California anymore–and it’s COLD here! So I had to throw a sweater over this dress from Nasty Gal, even though I hadn’t originally planned to. I’ve had this sweater since high school, and it’s one of my favorites. I got it at a sample sale in the California Mart (CMC–where all the wholesale showrooms are), and the print is fantastic! I’m not usually into the whole high-low style, but  the shape of this sweater is so perfect.

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Butterfly Skull


Shoes. My closet is full of ‘em! When I see a stunning pair of strappy, completely impractical heels like these, I can’t resist buying them. And yeah, I feel like a celebrity when I run errands in heels–but at the end of the day I’d rather just wear sneakers. And with an awesome pair of sneakers, like these Adidas, come my cool graphic tees.

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Nikki Dror

Leave it to the Cali Girl to still be wearing shorts in October…

But, I mean, I packed so many cute outfits that I haven’t been able to wear here, in New York, because it’s so cold! So on days when the thermometer gets up to 65, I’m like, “Ok, it’s basically warm enough for shorts.”

Strangers ask me if I’m cold, but I just smile and say, “I’m from California.” (I’m learning that it’s an acceptable excuse for a lot of my weirdness here.)

People around here aren’t that used to seeing this much skin in Fall, but I can’t say I really give a damn.


IMG_7785_editIMG_7838_editIMG_7747_editIMG_7838_edit-2IMG_7844_edit“Vague” Tshirt – Forever 21. Shorts – Vintage (similar here). Necklace – Forever 21 (similar here). Shoes – Nine West. Bag - Emperia.


The Tiger Who Came to Town


It’s 95 degrees in LA today, and I couldn’t be more ready for summer! Today’s outfit started out lazy: I just threw on a v-neck tee (Alternative Apparel–highly reccomend!) and shorts, to stay cool. Then came the necklaces…then the bracelets…and then the shoes.



It’s not my most posh look–it’s more like a simple outfit with a dressed-up twist.

But that’s what’s so fun about style! I love building my outfits and experimenting with my looks :)

Because people are already asking me about my necklaces: the one with the little kids kissing is from a flea market, and the longer one is vintage–those aren’t my initials haha!



Sidenote: These are my sandals from last summer–the sandal trend for this summer is unequivocally the Birkenstock.

Classy Tomboy


I love boyfriend jeans. There, I’ve said it. I think they’re so fun and baggy, and they can look super polished as well. My actual boyfriendhowever, hates when I wear them. He says they don’t suit my tiny frame, which is valid, but sometimes I just gotta wear em! Like in this outfit:


I actually bought these jeans in a skate-shop. This sounds ridiculous, but they’re actually from the little boys’ section! So, yes, they obviously don’t fit my hips properly, because the manufacturers never intended them to.

But you know what? Everytime I wear these jeans, I get several compliments. They make such a statement, and people always ask where I got them.


Sometimes you’ve got to take a few steps out of the box to find something really amazing! Paired with girly details, like heels and a belt, boyfriend jeans can be perfect for a night out.



Nikki Dror

The Ugliest Sweater in the World


You know those people who throw “ugly sweater” parties around the holidays? I’ve never been to one, but I have this star sweater on reserve for when the day comes.

I’ve only worn it out of my house twice before this chilly LA morning. I mean, if we’re being honest, it’s just not the type of thing that’s supposed to see daylight.

My friends call it the “movie-going” sweater, because I wore it to the movies one time, and nobody can seem to forget it.


Honestly though, I think everybody needs an ugly sweater. It’s basically like an LBD, except–okay, yeah, not really. But if you happen to have a hideous sweater like mine (and have to run out to buy dog food on a freezing morning) try throwing it on with shades and a vintage bag…someone might actually mistake your sweater for something “cool.”

Have a sweater you think is uglier than mine? Hashtag it #411uglysweater on Instagram, because I actually won’t believe it till I see it…




City Safari

safari 1

I swear all my best finds are from H&M–like this fantastic safari dress. I love it so much, and it was only $49 (no longer available.) I’m surrounded by expensive designer pieces on a daily basis, but when it comes to my personal style, the price tag has never mattered. I have a hard time shopping in some fast-fashion brick-and-mortar stores (too overwhelming,) but why not take advantage of their affordable prices by shopping online?

safari 8

What’s the difference between “military” and “safari”? Honestly, everyone has their own way of differentiating, but my industry contacts said that there isn’t really a difference. I couldn’t decide which of the two trends this dress fit into better, so I dubbed it the “safari dress” simply because it sounded good in the title.

This safari/military trend should be kept with warmer neutral tones (i.e. colors such as beige and brown) and gold jewelry as opposed to silver. When properly kept with warm neutrals, this trend can also make you look live you’ve got a good tan–and who doesn’t want that?

safari 4

safari 3

safari 9

Breakfast Meeting & Black Tights

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.07.38 AM

Had to run downtown this morning for a quick coffee meeting to discuss the upcoming LA Market Week. I wanted to look super professional and sophisticated, so I went with black tights. It’s not too cold in LA today, but (as always) it’s a bit windy and chilly downtown. What’s not to love about black tights? They make you look instantly taller, thinner, and sexier! Pair them with black high heels or booties to make your legs look a million miles long!

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.09.14 AM

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.07.59 AMUsually wearing tights with open toe shoes is a fashion no-no, but I’d say as long as they are opaque it looks fine :)

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.11.36 AM

The leather in my Foreign Exchange mini skirt plays really well with the leather lapel on my coat–tying together my look from top to bottom.

A timeless, classy blouse says, “I’m professional, yet stylish.” A silk blouse is like a little black dress–every girl must have one! This one is from H&M. On a budget? Try a chiffon or viscose version, for a less pricey–yet still classy–look. Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.13.24 AM

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.08.53 AM

A Broke Girl’s Slipper

Before I begin, here’s a little disclaimer: while I did do this DIY project myself, I got the idea from another blog*.

So here’s the thing: I want smoking slippers. I’ve wanted ‘em since I saw a great pair with wishbones on them in InStyle’s June issue. The price tag on those? Something like $900. Not cool, just not cool.

Since then, it seems like every top designer has come out with a pair. Charlotte Olympia has her iconic smoking slippers with the kitty-cat faces on them, and Rebecca Minkoff has her famous “zodiac” version. I love them all! But can I afford any of them? No, no I can’t.

So what’s a broke girl to do? This, obviously:

Step #1: I bought a couple cheap pairs of plain smoking slippers from JC Penny for about $19 each.



Step #2: I found some unique, hand-made iron-on appliques online for like $2 each (check sizes, the ones I bought were between 2 and 4 inches in each direction)


Step #3: I ironed the appliques onto the smoking slippers.


Boom! I all-of-a-sudden I had two pairs of my own designer smoking slippers without breaking the bank. It was that easy.


*Check out the original blog post here.