Press in a Dress


Right before I left LA, I had one last press event to attend, so I figured I would make use of this thin, pastel dress before I moved to a city that actually had colder seasons. I usually like dressing badass for press events, because I like to be taken seriously, but this time I opted for something a little more girlie.

IMG_5985_edit-2 IMG_6005_edit

For my accessories, I followed a black and white motif–sticking with silver accents. In my opinion, b&w is a “cooler palette,” which corresponds to silver metals (as opposed to warmer palettes, which correspond to gold.) Also, I stuffed a t-shirt inside my clutch so that it wouldn’t fall completely flat. A slightly bulkier clutch generally improves the quality of its appearance, making it look more expensive.

IMG_6022_editIMG_6021_edit IMG_6026_edit

The reverse Peter Pan collar on this dress gives it a unique, unexpected youthfulness, while the pointy corners of the collar play really nicely with the zig-zags on my shoes. You might not be fully conscious of the small details that make an outfit feel cohesive, but tying your shapes together like that (corners, zig-zags,) gives an overall aesthetically pleasing impression.

IMG_6002_edit-2IMG_6012_editDress: Forever21 (similar here). Clutch: BCBG Maxazria. Shoes: (on sale!) Michael Antonio. Earings: Boutique.


Polished Shred

Polished Shred

By now you all know about my “white blazer” trick (aka: throwing a blazer over your pajama shirt to fake a polished look.) This outfit shamelessly incorporates that tshirt-blazer combo with another added dichotomy: shredded jeans and dainty heels!

I just got these shoes from BCBG, and they are perfect with a formal dress or to polish up these jeans. Don’t you just love when you find something so effortlessly versatile?!



With this outfit I’m also exercising all three of my tips for looking super-fly: 1) Wear heels with your jeans, 2) Carry a fab bag, 3) Keep your sunglasses on at all times.

Seriously though, walking around Hollywood in this outfit totally made me feel like a celeb. Try out these tips and let me know how it goes!




Golden Girl

Here’s how the cycle goes: Monday mornings suck, so you wind up going out Monday night as a pick-me-up, but then Tuesday morning ends up being even worse than Monday!

As per the cycle, I went out with some FIDM friends last night to celebrate our survival of “Hell Week” (aka, finals week…)

I wore my H&M silk blouse that you’ve all seen me wear a million times—hey, a girl’s gotta have a favorite! I paired it with a nude t-shirt bra, so it wouldn’t be see-through. And I topped it off with a sparkly statement necklace from Karen Michelle Boutique.


Then, I tied the look together with my new baby: a vintage, gold-sparkle mini skirt! I found it at a vintage flea market, with the tags cut out–so who honestly knows if it’s really vintage or just from Forever21….haha! But I don’t really care, I feel like a flapper in it either way.


My shoes are a simple, staple pair of BCBG’s. They’re not too big, by the way, the back of the shoes are shaped like that purposefully. Short Girl Tip: nude/beige heels make your legs look miles long.

Oh, and I didn’t do my hair. Why? Because it was Monday, and who can be bothered with a blowdryer on a Monday?!

nikki dror


A Broke Girl’s Slipper

Before I begin, here’s a little disclaimer: while I did do this DIY project myself, I got the idea from another blog*.

So here’s the thing: I want smoking slippers. I’ve wanted ‘em since I saw a great pair with wishbones on them in InStyle’s June issue. The price tag on those? Something like $900. Not cool, just not cool.

Since then, it seems like every top designer has come out with a pair. Charlotte Olympia has her iconic smoking slippers with the kitty-cat faces on them, and Rebecca Minkoff has her famous “zodiac” version. I love them all! But can I afford any of them? No, no I can’t.

So what’s a broke girl to do? This, obviously:

Step #1: I bought a couple cheap pairs of plain smoking slippers from JC Penny for about $19 each.



Step #2: I found some unique, hand-made iron-on appliques online for like $2 each (check sizes, the ones I bought were between 2 and 4 inches in each direction)


Step #3: I ironed the appliques onto the smoking slippers.


Boom! I all-of-a-sudden I had two pairs of my own designer smoking slippers without breaking the bank. It was that easy.


*Check out the original blog post here.

Happy Friday – November 8th

It’s seriously Friday again? Where did this week go?!

Five things that made me happy this week:








1. Love Your Body Fashion Show! On Sunday night I had the unique privilege of working backstage at this incredible show. The organization mixed plus-size models into their runway show, and it was amazing! Met such great people and some truly talented women. The message of the evening was clear: beauty comes in all sizes!



I did not take this photo

2. Apparently I’m “Swaggy”…This is so LA, but on every street corner we have people selling fresh fruit. It’s the best. I always go and pick up some mango and watermelon between classes at school. On Tuesday, I was standing on the corner with my bag of fruit, and a man told me he hadn’t had good watermelon in years. So I gave him the rest of my bag. He said, “Wow, you sure are swaggy, Miss!” Ha! I busted up laughing.



Man of Style

3. My boyfriend’s shoes. Earlier this week, Jeremy was wearing shoes similar to those featured in my list of best men’s shoes (see my post: “The Financial Guy’s Shoes“) We share great taste!



taken from yogurtland’s website

4. Yogurtland’s new flavor. I was in Yogurtland the other day (big surprise) and saw that they had “Match Green Tea” flavored yogurt. I was so excited about it and thought I was being so healthy, but turns out that it has the same amount of calories as the Cookies & Cream flavor. Apparently the nutrition facts don’t change between most flavors. Although it wasn’t actually a healthier choice, I still loved it!



SoMo Time!

5. Joseph SoMo! Last night, Jeremy humored me and allowed me to drag him to the SoMo concert at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood. I have the biggest crush on SoMo, so I was screaming and dancing and jumping around the whole time–sorry, Jer, but thanks for being a good sport. All in all, one of the best nights of my life. Feels like I dreamt it.

Happy Friday!

The Financial Guy’s Shoes

On Tuesday, I went to the student activities office to ask somebody a question, and I saw that there was a workshop going on. I had no idea what the topic of the workshop was, but I was on my lunch break anyway so I sat down to listen.

The workshop ended up being about building credit so you could take out business loans. *Yawn*

But I have to tell you, the way the speaker presented himself made me want to stay and listen to everything he had to say. Every hair on his head was in place. His slim-fit suit was flawlessly pressed. His tie was artfully clipped to his dress shirt, which matched his pocket square. His watch? Loved it. His belt? Perfect.

But the greatest part of his entire outfit was his footwear. He was wearing the greatest men’s dress shoes I’ve ever seen!

After he concluded his workshop, several students stayed behind to ask him questions. I did as well. But I didn’t want to ask his financial advice; I wanted to ask about his shoes. Obviously.

“Hi David,” I shameless approached him, “Can I take a picture of your shoes?” (The things I do for this blog…)


This picture does NOT do these beauties any justice…but look at him striking that pose. He was clearly flattered. Hehe.

I didn’t want to push my luck and ask who made his shoes, but once I got home I tore up the internet trying to find them. I never found them, but I did find some other great ones. I had no idea there were so many nice dress shoes for men. Why do they all wear the same black ones when there are so many other unique and wonderful options?

Here are some of my picks that I came across in my search: (Some of these even have price points lower than $100! Can you guess which ones?)



_7368942To Boot New York "Felix"2432026-p-MULTIVIEW

Stacy Adams "Garcea"8319275_fpx2387342-p-MULTIVIEW



 Any of these shoes catch your fancy? Each one is its own link, so click away!