City Safari

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I swear all my best finds are from H&M–like this fantastic safari dress. I love it so much, and it was only $49 (no longer available.) I’m surrounded by expensive designer pieces on a daily basis, but when it comes to my personal style, the price tag has never mattered. I have a hard time shopping in some fast-fashion brick-and-mortar stores (too overwhelming,) but why not take advantage of their affordable prices by shopping online?

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What’s the difference between “military” and “safari”? Honestly, everyone has their own way of differentiating, but my industry contacts said that there isn’t really a difference. I couldn’t decide which of the two trends this dress fit into better, so I dubbed it the “safari dress” simply because it sounded good in the title.

This safari/military trend should be kept with warmer neutral tones (i.e. colors such as beige and brown) and gold jewelry as opposed to silver. When properly kept with warm neutrals, this trend can also make you look live you’ve got a good tan–and who doesn’t want that?

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