Night Shoot


Jeremy and I usually refrain from shooting at night, because the lighting can be hard to manage. But when I put on these amazing H&M leather pants for the first time, I told Jeremy to grab his camera–because I absolutely needed to show them off to you all! (He was reluctant to shoot, because we were already late to the party we were going to, but I’m glad he came around.)

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Babydoll Grunge

Yay! My photographer (and boyfriend) is back in Los Angeles for the summer–Now I can get back to regular outfit posts. Thanks, Jeremy!

As you’ve probably already realized, I really love creating a dichotomy within my daily looks. Today, for example, I’ve paired a lacy babydoll blouse with grungy leather booties.


I think that’s an important aspect to maintain in all my style endeavors: I don’t like to fully commit to any single theme, or else I feel like I’m wearing a costume. So yeah, I can wear the lacy blouse or the harsh booties–but, by not letting either one dictate my full look, my personal style can still shine through.

So go forth and explore fashion, dear reader, but never play a character–just be you!








Sunglasses: Forever21, Blouse: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters), Shorts: H&M, Spike Bracelet: Francesca’s, Leather Bracelet: Karen Michelle, Boots: Choies, Bag: Emperia (Nordstrom)

Midtown Manhattan

nikki dror 1

Been enjoying my New York pics on @fourelevenblog’s Instagram? Glad to see you’re all taking pleasure in  my pain–it’s freezing here!!

While this Cali girl is having a super hard time adjusting to the drastic climate change, she’s still finding a way to look cute in this weather: the trick is to layer! Instead of wearing a puffy snow jacket (yes, it’s been snowing…I know, I’m freaking out…) I’ve opted to just layer, layer, layer.

nikki dror

Today I’m combining the leather and military jacket trends to create a double layer of warmth. Under that, I have on a big, cozy sweater from the men’s department. To keep my fingers from turning into little purple icicles, I’m rocking basic black mittens to match my black fringe scarf.


As far as my feet? You wish I would wear clonky snowboots–never! Instead, I’m just wearing my regular (and adorable) Vince Camuto’s with fuzzy socks!


Don’t sacrifice your style and wallet to buy winter gear. You can totally wear your regular clothes in the cold–just layer ‘em!



Breakfast Meeting & Black Tights

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.07.38 AM

Had to run downtown this morning for a quick coffee meeting to discuss the upcoming LA Market Week. I wanted to look super professional and sophisticated, so I went with black tights. It’s not too cold in LA today, but (as always) it’s a bit windy and chilly downtown. What’s not to love about black tights? They make you look instantly taller, thinner, and sexier! Pair them with black high heels or booties to make your legs look a million miles long!

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.09.14 AM

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.07.59 AMUsually wearing tights with open toe shoes is a fashion no-no, but I’d say as long as they are opaque it looks fine :)

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.11.36 AM

The leather in my Foreign Exchange mini skirt plays really well with the leather lapel on my coat–tying together my look from top to bottom.

A timeless, classy blouse says, “I’m professional, yet stylish.” A silk blouse is like a little black dress–every girl must have one! This one is from H&M. On a budget? Try a chiffon or viscose version, for a less pricey–yet still classy–look. Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.13.24 AM

Screen shot 2001-01-12 at 11.08.53 AM

Leather Weather

Anybody who knows me, knows that my favorite part about Fall is that I’m finally allowed to wear my favorite material: Leather!



Scarf – Pashmina, Scarf – Fate, Knit Sweater – H&M, Jeans – BeBe, Bag – Emperia (Nordstrom), Boots – Bought in Israel

When I’m shopping, I just naturally gravitate toward all things leather. I’m borderline obsessed. I love how versatile it is! (see my guide to leather leggings) Whether you’re rocking a motorcycle jacket or a sexy leather dress, leather can be taken anywhere. While leather is my go-to on most occasions, we all know it’s not exactly a practical choice for a hot summer day. Therefore, I get very excited when the weather cools down and I can bust out all my boots and jackets again!

My look today includes a leather vest, a large leather bag, and knee-high leather boots. Sound like too much? The key here (as always) is balance. The rest of my outfit is made up of soft materials in light, neutral colors. This breaks up the leather and balances the look. If you are wearing multiple black leather pieces, like I am, it is best to avoid black in the rest of your outfit. Stick to lighter colors to break up the leather.


You CAN Do Leather Leggings!


Clearly it ended up being sunny and hot…

Yesterday was one of those weird-weather days, typical of LA, where you’re not sure wether it’s going to be hot or cold out. (Yes, this really happens here.) So I paired a chunky knit pullover with leather leggings, threw on open-toe shoes, and headed off to school. I figured, if it ends up being cold then at least I’m wearing knit…and if it ends up being hot at least I’m not wearing boots.

At school, a girl in the elevator told me I was brave for wearing leather leggings.

“I have a pair sitting in my closet,” she told me, “But I seriously have no idea how to wear them without looking trashy.”

Well, Girl-In-FIDM-Elevator-Whose-Name-I-Don’t-Know, this post is for you. And anyone else who wants to rock this look and needs a push in the right direction.

The key to wearing leather leggings, and not looking like you walked out of a music video, is balance. In other words, leather leggings are super tight and majorly sexy, so you want the rest of your look to be more loose-fitting and laid-back. Like my chunky pullover yesterday (pictured above.) Wearing something baggier also just helps cover the weird wrinkly-thing that leather does when it’s stretched across your hips….or is that just me?

Here are four fool-proof pieces that complement leather leggings and save you from looking “trashy”, as Elevator Girl put it:

Shirt - Chiqle, Necklace - H&M, Booties - Aldo

Shirt – Chiqle, Necklace – H&M,
Booties – Aldo

#1) Classic chambray button-down. Denim and leather are two of the biggest fabric trends we’re seeing this fall, and they happen to play amazingly well together. Normally I’d suggest that you stick to one trend at a time, but in this case it’s a great combo. Also, just a side note: throwing on leather high-heeled booties with these leggings make your legs look miles long–even for a shorty like me!

Shirt - Sugar Lips, Boots - Steve Madden

Shirt – Sugar Lips, Boots – Steve Madden

#2) Plain white tee. This is so, so basic that most people wouldn’t even think of it. But, honestly, a plain white t-shirt is probably my favorite thing to pair with leather leggings. Extra points if it has a couple rips in it–so badass. The key to this one is the fit of the tee: don’t go too tight or too short. Keep it relaxed and casual. Think “I’m sexy without even trying” and you’ll be golden. Plus, wearing a plain tee leaves open the option to throw on a leather jacket as well. Sounds crazy, I know, but as long as the white t-shirt is longer than the jacket, the look will work (the white will break up all the leather.)

Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Steve Madden, Necklace - Renuar

Sweater – Urban Outfitters,
Boots – Steve Madden, Necklace – Renuar

#3) Oversized sweater. This one is easy. Basically anything oversized and comfy will balance out the look of the leggings. I’d stay away from any print that’s too busy, though, because the leggings make their own statement. Wide stripes, like the ones I’m wearing here, are safe. Also, a sweater like this will cover your hips and butt, making the leggings less scary to wear. Yeah, I said it, you’re not the only one who doesn’t want skin-tight leather stretched across her butt. I know I sure don’t want that on display. A baggy sweater makes me more confident in this look.


T-Shirt – American Apparel, Jacket – Olivaceous, Boots – Steve Madden

#4) Military jacket. Yeah, mid-calf boots make me look shorter, but I love ‘em too much to let go. The fourth piece that is always okay to wear with these leggings is some sort of over-piece: a fur vest (not cropped), a white blazer, a military jacket etc. Again, it’s nice to have something that covers you’re hips a bit. Also, something like this military jacket has a very similar “voice” to the leather leggings. They’re both edgy and cool without competing with each other. No idea what I’m talking about? Just take my word for it.

Okay, ready to embrace this look? My leggings are See You Monday, but MICHAEL Michael Kors, Mimi Chica (they’re matte–super cool), BDG (available at Urban Outfitters), and American Apparel all make some great options.

Have Fun!