Music Monday – Linkin Park

Numb – Linkin Park ( H³²º Dubstep Remix ) <–Click here

Bare with me through the 15 second Tide or Swiffer commercial here, folks. Apparently the companies who advertise on Youtube have caught on that it’s a better investment to make short commercials that don’t qualify for a “skip ad” button. Also, anyone else happen to notice that it’s always an ad for paper towels, laundry detergent, or some other cleaning supply? I’m clearly on Youtube for a reason–please don’t ruin my perfect procrastination by reminding me of the laundry I should be folding…

I love Dubstep remixes with female vocals. Autotune bothers me a lot less when Dubstep’s involved. The images used in these songs are always half-naked girls, am I right? So my “suggested videos” seriously make me look like a perve…but I found the one version of this song that doesn’t have any nudity. So click through and enjoy.

You’ll thank me for this one.