Ribs n’ Rips


I spent the day running around Melrose in this awesome t-shirt, yesterday. This sounds crazy, but I seriously think that a t-shirt with ribs printed on it has a really slimming effect. Maybe because I look like a bag of bones? Who knows, but I definitely think it made me appear thinner.

I decided that the horizontal lines of the ribs played really well with the “stripy” illusion of the distressed knees on my jeans. I continue the “horizontal line” motif into my footwear as well, completing my look with a pair of black Birkenstock sandals.


I’m not 100% positive why these sandals are suddenly “trendy,” but perhaps us fashion-junkees are simply running out of fresh ideas. Either way, I’m super happy that they’re becoming popular right now! They’re so incredibly comfortable and keep your feet super cool for summer.



Sunglasses: Forever21. Tank-Top: Urban Outfitters. Jeans: Lucky Brand. Sandals: Steve Madden.