B&W Aztec


Ok, I’m finally ready to admit it: I’m not in California anymore–and it’s COLD here! So I had to throw a sweater over this dress from Nasty Gal, even though I hadn’t originally planned to. I’ve had this sweater since high school, and it’s one of my favorites. I got it at a sample sale in the California Mart (CMC–where all the wholesale showrooms are), and the print is fantastic! I’m not usually into the whole high-low style, but  the shape of this sweater is so perfect.

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Babydoll Grunge

Yay! My photographer (and boyfriend) is back in Los Angeles for the summer–Now I can get back to regular outfit posts. Thanks, Jeremy!

As you’ve probably already realized, I really love creating a dichotomy within my daily looks. Today, for example, I’ve paired a lacy babydoll blouse with grungy leather booties.


I think that’s an important aspect to maintain in all my style endeavors: I don’t like to fully commit to any single theme, or else I feel like I’m wearing a costume. So yeah, I can wear the lacy blouse or the harsh booties–but, by not letting either one dictate my full look, my personal style can still shine through.

So go forth and explore fashion, dear reader, but never play a character–just be you!








Sunglasses: Forever21, Blouse: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters), Shorts: H&M, Spike Bracelet: Francesca’s, Leather Bracelet: Karen Michelle, Boots: Choies, Bag: Emperia (Nordstrom)

Leather and Lime


Can I be medically diagnosed with a Starbucks obsession? Actually, don’t answer that…


I was feeling a dairy-free low-cal drink this morning, so I grabbed a Lime Refresher. Yum!


I’m rocking a brown leather jacket over a plaid flannel to stay warm today. It’s a great combo for a laid-back, yet still stylish, vibe. This plaid shirt is probably the single most worn item in my entire closet (aside from my VS leggings…) I seriously wear it all the time. It’s great for layering–it can be worn open over a tshirt, or underneath a jacket like how I’m wearing it today. A plaid flannel also looks sick with a baggy beanie and combat boots!


This one is from Urban Outfitters. It’s the most amazing material ever–definitely one of my best purchases. And it’s still available!

We all know I’m obsessed with leather jackets, but a brown one is ideal! It’s unexpected, yet still completely versatile.


The lace-up suede booties are so last year, I know, but they’re comfortable and Jeremy likes them :)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!