Review: Wedge UGG Boots


When I heard that UGG was updating their classic silhouette for their fall line, and that the revamp included adding a discreet wedge heel, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair and give them a whirl.


Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that UGG did not pay me to review these boots, but I definitely find the update noteworthy and worth relaying to you guys!

Aside from the wedge (which I love, love, LOVE), the first thing I noticed about these new UGG’s, was that the toe was slightly pointier and less rounded than the classic shape. This made them look a little more stylish and a little less bulky–which someone petite, like myself, can certainly appreciate.


Also, the new design includes small slits–or notches–at the top of the shaft that make rolling the top down on these babies a little easier. “Basics” and college girls rejoice!

Overall, I know that people really hate hard on UGG’s, but I’m really impressed and pleased with the new design. They’re still the comfiest and warmest winter boots on the market, and the updated silhouette is worth writing home about, so I’m giving these a big thumbs up :)

The update is available in three different shaft heights: Kristin, Amie (which I’m wearing), and Kara.


Boots – UGG. Coat – Forever 21. Tshirt – Future State. Hat – Forever 21 (wait list). Bag – DVF. Jeans – Asos.


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    Oh I love ugg boots! I wear the ankle chestnut ones, They are definitely a love or hate thing, I just love how cosy they are :) I really like these ones! Xx

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