#PerfectNever with Reebok – PT. 1


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging as actively, lately, as I used to. However, when I was approached by Reebok to participate in their 3-part #PerfectNever campaign, it kind of pulled me out of my slump.

For the past few months (okay, more than a few) I’ve been feeling really bogged down by social media–by bloggers and influencers,┬áin particular. Honestly, it’s all starting to feel like a bunch of “perfect” men and women prancing across my newsfeed, making me feel inferior. I know that nobody really ever achieves perfection, but it still feels like social media is pushing me to strive for it. You all know what I’m taking about–ever taken a photo with the intention of posting it, but then changed your mind because the lighting wasn’t “perfect” or your hair wasn’t “perfect”?

So, why did I want to get involved with Reebok’s latest social campaign? Reebok’s #PerfectNever movement focuses on all the reasons we shouldn’t even want to be perfect. The #PerfectNever hashtag reminds us of all the things we would never get to do if we were perfect. For example, perfect people never get to improve: #PerfectNeverImproves. And perfect people never get to challenge themselves to overcome a struggle: #PerfectNeverStruggles. Life is not about reaching a destination–it’s all about the journey. I’m not interested in achieving perfection and having nothing left to work towards; we are all writing our own stories and figuring out our own narratives. Every phase you go through is part of your personal journey, and if you stop growing and changing then you’ve stopped living.


The sports bra, athletic vest, and tennis shoes I’m wearing in these photos are all from Reebok’s Perfect Never collection, and the message behind the line really pushed my workout to the next level–like I had something to prove. If we never fail, we can never redeem ourselves. If we never doubt ourselves, we can never surprise ourselves or prove ourselves wrong. Life is all about the hustle and the struggle, and being “perfect” just doesn’t fit into that equation.




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