Painting ‘em Red


Once upon a time, like a thousand years ago, I was dating this guy who really liked when I wore bright red nail polish (I’m talking seriously “firetruck” “candy-apple” red…) So, during those months of my life, my nails were adorned strictly in variations of the hue. Needless to say, after he dumped me, I went back to a normal rotation of colors. But, between you and I, those few red-binge months have made it so that I’m a freakin’ bright-red-nail-polish-expert over here. Just saying.

After testing basically every bright red polish out there, here are my favorites:


From left to right: Essie 424 “Bordeaux”, China Glaze 881 “Phat Santa” (ha, seriously), and Revlon 730 “Valentine”.

They all look very similar (what can I say? my ex had specific taste,) but I promise if you try any of the three you’ll be hooked for life.


Yes, the name is upside down in this pic…#leftyproblems

The “Bordeaux” is my favorite. I’ve honestly had to re-buy it several times, because it’s the only nail polish bottle I physically¬†finish. Every last drop. Believe it.


That awkward moment when my mom tells me my nails look like claws. Sorry, ma, ain’t gonna cut them!

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