Thanks to Kylie Jenner, everyone seems to have a sudden fixation with lips. People ask me all the time about my own and what products I use on them. So, here you go, ladies: keep reading for my top 6 lip looks and links to all the products I use to achieve them!

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Street Art of Instagram: LA Edition

Kings Road Cafe, 8361 Beverly Blvd

Ever look at your favorite Instagrammers’ feeds and think, “That’s such a cool background/mural–where is that?” Of course you do; we all do! So I’ve made a list of some of the LA street art that’s most popular on Instagram–complete with exact locations–so that you, too, can nail that “instacool” shot!

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Low key, as I was getting out of the car to shoot this look, I snagged my shirt on something and totally ruined it! So this post is a farewell to one of my favorite, colorful shirts :(

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Peace Out, New York


I hate it when bloggers apologize on their blogs for not posting more often. I’m like, “It’s your job–what else are you so busy with? Just sit down and blog!” But, to be honest, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind for me. As you might know, tomorrow I’m leaving my amazing home in NYC to spend the summer in Los Angeles. This last blog post from New York was shot in Times Square as an ode to this incredible city.

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