Growing Pains

Slide02I’ve learned a lot and developed a really thick skin over the past couple years of chasing my dream (Four Eleven is about to turn 2, can you believe it?) So I’ve created some Instagrammable images with the quotes that inspire me and the lessons I’ve learned along the way–along with some of my favorite Four Eleven Instagram shots! I created these to be shared, so spread the love and repost them wherever you’d like.

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To me, having great style doesn’t always mean being dressed to the nines. All of my personal style icons are people who look chic even when it seems completely effortless. Sometimes, a t-shirt and flats simply does the trick!

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I’ve always loved the look of Dylan Lex’s amazing statement necklaces, but I’ve never wanted to spend $700+ on one! So when I came across Mirina Collections and their “Famous” necklaces–which look so similar but are much more affordable–I knew I had stumbled across a gold (er, silver) mine :)

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