Painting ‘em Red


Once upon a time, like a thousand years ago, I was dating this guy who really liked when I wore bright red nail polish (I’m talking seriously “firetruck” “candy-apple” red…) So, during those months of my life, my nails were adorned strictly in variations of the hue. Needless to say, after he dumped me, I went back to a normal rotation of colors. But, between you and I, those few red-binge months have made it so that I’m a freakin’ bright-red-nail-polish-expert over here. Just saying.

After testing basically every bright red polish out there, here are my favorites:


From left to right: Essie 424 “Bordeaux”, China Glaze 881 “Phat Santa” (ha, seriously), and Revlon 730 “Valentine”.

They all look very similar (what can I say? my ex had specific taste,) but I promise if you try any of the three you’ll be hooked for life.


Yes, the name is upside down in this pic…#leftyproblems

The “Bordeaux” is my favorite. I’ve honestly had to re-buy it several times, because it’s the only nail polish bottle I physically finish. Every last drop. Believe it.


That awkward moment when my mom tells me my nails look like claws. Sorry, ma, ain’t gonna cut them!

Music Monday – Linkin Park

Numb – Linkin Park ( H³²º Dubstep Remix ) <–Click here

Bare with me through the 15 second Tide or Swiffer commercial here, folks. Apparently the companies who advertise on Youtube have caught on that it’s a better investment to make short commercials that don’t qualify for a “skip ad” button. Also, anyone else happen to notice that it’s always an ad for paper towels, laundry detergent, or some other cleaning supply? I’m clearly on Youtube for a reason–please don’t ruin my perfect procrastination by reminding me of the laundry I should be folding…

I love Dubstep remixes with female vocals. Autotune bothers me a lot less when Dubstep’s involved. The images used in these songs are always half-naked girls, am I right? So my “suggested videos” seriously make me look like a perve…but I found the one version of this song that doesn’t have any nudity. So click through and enjoy.

You’ll thank me for this one.

Me vs. Campus Security

Photo on 2013-10-25 at 16.37 09-12-17

When I first started college, I thought I was the coolest person ever. At orientation they gave us temporary, paper ID cards and said that our official school ID’s would be mailed to us. I remember when my official Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) ID finally arrived: I held it in my hands and thought, “This is for real–I’m officially living me dream.”

In that moment, my FIDM student ID card was probably the greatest thing I had ever had possession of…

Now I hate the damn thing.

See, here’s the problem: You need to have your ID card on you at all times. You need to scan it to open classroom doors, you need it to get your books, and you need it to get into the school elevators. Always. But let’s be realistic, I’m 19 years old and I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my body…I am constantly losing my stupid ID card. I leave it at home. I leave it in my car. I leave it in a different purse. It ends up in the laundry. I leave it in the restroom, classrooms, the cafeteria–you name it! If you don’t have your student ID on you, and security catches you, you have to go sign up for a temporary pass.

I’m famous with the campus security by now. And they hate me. (Though I’m convinced I’m secretly their favorite student…)

This morning, I was carrying a whole bunch of books and I was late to class. As I walked into the school lobby, I realized I had no clue where my ID was. I tried to just sneak by the security guard and slip into the elevator with a group of other students.

Obviously that didn’t work.

“Nikki, where’s your ID?”

“C’mon, you know me!” I looked down at my arms full of books, “You’re really gonna make me put my stuff down on the floor and dig through my bag for my ID?”


So that’s what I did. Luckily, I did find my ID in my bag and, after I did a brief “happy dance”, the security guard let me into the elevator.

Then, our teacher gave us a 10 minute break during class, and I decided to leave campus and run down the street to Starbucks. I took my wallet and sunglasses and left my giant school bag in the classroom. I got out of the elevator on the ground floor and started walking out, then I saw the security guard and realized my ID was upstairs in my bag.

“Hey, I left my ID upstairs in the classroom, I’m just running to Starbucks. I’ll be right back.”

“Go get a temporary pass.”

“But I showed it to you this morning,” I reminded him, “Remember my ‘happy dance’?”

He didn’t care. So before leaving campus, I went and signed out a temporary pass. For the millionth time.

When I got back to campus (my break was long over, and I was going to be late to class again) the security guard asked to see my pass. And wouldn’t ya know, I couldn’t find it.

“I must have left it in Starbucks,” I said.

“Go back and get it, Nikki.” …He was serious.

Decidedly, I’m just going to take my student ID to a tattoo artist on Melrose Ave and get it tattooed onto my body somewhere. That way I’ll never be without it. But until then, it’s just Me vs. Campus Security.