A Broke Girl’s Slipper

Before I begin, here’s a little disclaimer: while I did do this DIY project myself, I got the idea from another blog*.

So here’s the thing: I want smoking slippers. I’ve wanted ‘em since I saw a great pair with wishbones on them in InStyle’s June issue. The price tag on those? Something like $900. Not cool, just not cool.

Since then, it seems like every top designer has come out with a pair. Charlotte Olympia has her iconic smoking slippers with the kitty-cat faces on them, and Rebecca Minkoff has her famous “zodiac” version. I love them all! But can I afford any of them? No, no I can’t.

So what’s a broke girl to do? This, obviously:

Step #1: I bought a couple cheap pairs of plain smoking slippers from JC Penny for about $19 each.



Step #2: I found some unique, hand-made iron-on appliques online for like $2 each (check sizes, the ones I bought were between 2 and 4 inches in each direction)


Step #3: I ironed the appliques onto the smoking slippers.


Boom! I all-of-a-sudden I had two pairs of my own designer smoking slippers without breaking the bank. It was that easy.


*Check out the original blog post here.

A Hot Dog for Breakfast?

I love breakfast food. Ask any of my friends what my favorite food in the world is, and they’ll tell you it’s waffles! (Or sushi, I’ll accept that as a correct answer too..)

Waffles are just so versatile! I like to substitute bread for waffles and make all sorts of sandwich-creations to start my morning with.

Here’s the one I made today–it’s a breakfast-type spin on a hotdog in a bun, and has under 300 calories:


I start off with Kashi’s 7 grain waffles, Nutella, and an overripe banana (more flavor).

Then I cut the banana in half, and stick the waffle in the toaster. While the waffle is toasting, I eat one of the banana halves (I’m hungry in the mornings!)


Then I spread a tablespoon of Nutella onto the toasted waffle, while it’s still hot so the spread gets all melty and gooey–and delicious!


Next, I place the remaining banana half in the center of the waffle. It usually fits perfectly, but it’s obviously ok if it goes over the edges a bit.


And lastly, I fold the waffle in half around the banana, as shown. It kind of looks like a hotdog in a bun, doesn’t it? And I eat it just like one!

Try it and enjoy!!

Calorie breakdown: 1 waffle – 75…1 tablespoon Nutella – 100…banana (half) – about 52. Total calories: 227


Happy Friday – November 29th

Five things that made me happy this week:


1. Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Let me start off by saying that I love the Hunger Games trilogy. I was so excited to see the second movie, Catching Fire. I absolutely loved every minute of it that I saw. I left early, missing the last 20 minutes of the film, because I was nervous about my puppy who I left home alone. Speaking of the puppy…

Photo on 2013-11-26 at 18.33 #4

2. Meet Gatsby! The holidays came early this year when Jeremy surprised me with my very own Teacup Yorkie puppy! His name is Gatsby and he is only 8 weeks old. He is so super teeny tiny–he only weighs two lbs!! I’ve been taking him with me everywhere all week, and he’s become such a huge ham for attention. I’m so in love with this little guy!


3. Nasty Gal visits FIDM. On Wednesday, representatives from online retail sensation Nasty Gal came to speak at my school. They described what it’s like to work for Nasty Gal, informed us of internship and job opportunities within the different departments, and gave us insights into the future of the company.  I absolutely love the brand-personality of this company and find their backstory to be so inspiring! Read about them here.


4. I <3 May West. In my effective speaking class this week, one of my classmates gave a presentation on the amazing Mae West. This woman was so fantabulous! She was sexy, naughty, hot-headed, and way ahead of her time. She is one of my all-time favorite hollywood icons, by far! If you’ve never heard of my girl Mae, get your ass on wikipedia, because she was one of the coolest people who ever lived.


5. Black Friday! I am not “above” hitting the malls on Black Friday. In fact, Black Friday is my favorite day of the entire year! Yes, I know you can get the same deals online. And yes, I know the sales will continue all the way through New Year’s. But that’s not the point. I love the energy of the day (and the night before)! It’s the one day a year where I don’t beat myself up for spending. On Black Friday, if I want it, I buy it! (within reason…)

Leather Weather

Anybody who knows me, knows that my favorite part about Fall is that I’m finally allowed to wear my favorite material: Leather!



Scarf – Pashmina, Scarf – Fate, Knit Sweater – H&M, Jeans – BeBe, Bag – Emperia (Nordstrom), Boots – Bought in Israel

When I’m shopping, I just naturally gravitate toward all things leather. I’m borderline obsessed. I love how versatile it is! (see my guide to leather leggings) Whether you’re rocking a motorcycle jacket or a sexy leather dress, leather can be taken anywhere. While leather is my go-to on most occasions, we all know it’s not exactly a practical choice for a hot summer day. Therefore, I get very excited when the weather cools down and I can bust out all my boots and jackets again!

My look today includes a leather vest, a large leather bag, and knee-high leather boots. Sound like too much? The key here (as always) is balance. The rest of my outfit is made up of soft materials in light, neutral colors. This breaks up the leather and balances the look. If you are wearing multiple black leather pieces, like I am, it is best to avoid black in the rest of your outfit. Stick to lighter colors to break up the leather.


The Graffiti Run


In the past, people ran 5K’s to raise money for charities or to train for other longer runs. Until recently, running a 5K has been a means to an end, but nowadays there are plenty of “themed” runs that even non-runners can participate in just for fun. There are obstacle races (like the famous “Mud Run” and “Wilderness Scramble”) as well as several themed adventure races (like the Hunger Games themed “Run For Your Life 5K”).


Met these lovely ladies in the parking lot. Starting out the day as blank canvases!

Perhaps the most popular type of these new “fun runs” is the color run. This is when participants begin a race wearing white clothing, then run through a 5-Kilometer course where they’re sprayed with colored powder along the way.


Color Explosion

Today Jeremy and I drove out to Pomona, California to participate in a color run known as the Graffiti Run. While we had to register in advance and pay for this race (registration was about $45 per person,) it was definitely worth-it! Upon checking in, we received Graffiti Run t-shirts and sweatbands, we were also each given a packet of colored powder and our race numbers. The race took place at the Los Angeles Fairplex, which is also home to the Auto Club Speedway and the LA County Fair.

Participants were asked to wear white clothing, but some people went so far as to wear white capes, tutus, and wigs! As we all ran the course together, we were ambushed by Graffiti Run volunteers who splashed us with the colored powder. The powder stuck to our clothes, skin, and hair–turning us all into running works of art! The powder used in these races is non-toxic and supposedly won’t stain your clothes (we’ll see when I wash my t-shirt later…)

At the finish line, there was a festival with live music, food vendors, and more color throws. Picture thousands of people throwing different colored powders into the sky–it was incredible! Jeremy and I partied with so many interesting people and had such a blast!


This guy ran the race in a mascot suit!

After I got home, the color rinsed right off my skin and hair, and it didn’t stain my shower at all. The event was well-organized and well-attended. Overall, the entire experience was hugely positive, and I would definitely like do another color run in the future.

Bring some color to your run: Check out the Graffiti Run website! Or look for other color runs in your area, such as The Color Run, Color Me Rad, or Color Vibe.


Hair Repair

Photo on 2013-11-18 at 11.24

In general, I think I’m a pretty good-natured person–but when it comes to my hair, I’m borderline abusive.

Photo on 2013-11-18 at 11.22 #4

I have really fine, thin hair to begin with. So it’s already super fragile and damage-prone. Then on top of that, I dye and color it all the time (I even get bleached highlights–yikes!) and heat-style it, whether I’m curling or straightening, every single day. I also do more damage by giving myself trims with non-hair scissors, picking at my dead-ends with my finger nails, and wearing clip-in extensions.

I honestly deserve to have the crunchiest, most-damaged, scarecrow hair. But somehow, people still compliment me on my “super soft” locks. How do I save my hair from all the damage I’ve caused? Read on for tips on how I keep it silky-soft and looking healthy:

Photo on 2013-11-18 at 11.18 #6

  1. Heat protectant serum. This is something I use every day–anytime I use any sort of heat on my hair. It’s inexpensive, but it’s super important!
  2. Shampoo. I try to only wash my hair every 3rd day. Washing your hair too often is a sure-fire way to dry it out, because it strips the hair of its natural oils. Also, I read shampoo labels like they’re the Bible. I always try and find the perfect shampoo for my hair’s specific needs. Right now, I use a special shampoo for bleached hair. (I’ll never do bleach again, it really killed my hair)
  3. Moroccan oil. After letting my hair air-dry, I put some oil on my fingers and run them through my hair. I put extra emphasis on the tips of my hair, to avoid split-ends. Moroccan oil is kind of expensive, but a little bit goes a long way, and it really makes a big difference in the health of my hair.
  4. Deep conditioning. Once a week, I use a deep conditioning hair-mask which I let sit in my hair for 15 minutes between my usual shampoo and conditioner. I promise it will change your hair! Deep conditioner is amazing, and your hair literally gets softer with every use. This is a step most people skip over, but it’s a worth-it investment!

The Products I Use (click to shop):








Extra Tips!

  • Try not to blowdry! -Everyone has different opinions on this, but I personally find my hair to be healthier/softer when I haven’t blown it dry in a while.
  • Ponytail holders = breakage. This is common sense, but we ignore it. Keeping your hair in a tight pony or throwing it into an adorably messy bun will break hairs. “Ouchless Ponytails”? Lies. And I nevvver sleep in a ponytail. If I need to, I’ll sleep in a loose braid (having the fastener at the bottom causes less breakage).
  • Maintain your manicure. This might sound random, but I promise it affects your hair. When your nails have rough edges, or your polish is chipped, your hair gets caught in them without you realizing. This is an easy way for damage to sneak into your mane.
  • Don’t brush wet hair. This is my personal thing. My hair (because it’s so thin) is super delicate when it’s wet. I wait till it dries before I brush it. Once I made this change, I noticed a lot less damage.


White Blazer

You know that one dress in your closet that always makes you feel prettier/thinner/taller/more fashionable? Everybody has one. But, for me, it’s not a dress. It’s a white H&M blazer.


Blazer – H&M, T-Shirt – Rock & Rose, Jeans – Paige, Sandals – Steve Madden

Whenever I’m being interviewed for something, or giving a presentation in class, or going to an industry event–the blazer always comes out to play. For those occasions where I keep changing my outfit, and can’t decide what to wear, I stop the panic in its tracks by throwing on, you guessed it, my blazer! Ironically, it is one of the simplest and easiest pieces to wear, yet it makes you look instantly professional and more polished.









So it’s really perfect for those days where I don’t feel like getting dressed up, but need to fake it in a cinch. Like today. I love that I can literally wear my pajama shirt all day–and with this blazer on top, it looks like I actually got dressed!

Now that’s versatility!

Real Food Daily


Blissfully singing to radio because he has no idea what he’s in for today…

Date day with Jeremy! When my carnivore boyfriend makes the critical error of allowing me to pick the venue for lunch, where does he end up? At an organic vegan restaurant of course!

As you might already know, I don’t eat meat and most dairy hurts my stomach. If you didn’t already know that, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, that must mean you’re really healthy, because all you eat is salad!” But no, it just means I eat a lot of frozen waffles (Leggo my Eggo!)

real-food-daily-westSo because I’m such a pain in the ass about food, eating out isn’t always so fun for me. That’s why Real Food Daily (RFD) is one of my favorite restaurants. The menu seems like a typical menu with all the regular offerings (omelets, hamburgers, pizza, burritos…) but everything served at RFD is 100% vegan-friendly! “Vegan” means that the food doesn’t contain any ingredients that come from an animal. This is so much fun for me, because I can order bacon or nachos and none of it will hurt my stomach (it’s really soy meat and soy cheese!) It was so exciting to look at the menu and not hav627e to automatically rule-out any of it. I could order anything I wanted!

Feeling like a kid in a candy store, I ordered a BLT on a spinach-tortilla wrap.

While I was super happy being at RFD, I was honestly pretty nervous about bringing Jeremy there. I felt like it could have been a major fail of a date…But while he was (understandably) skeptical about the whole “vegan thing,” seeing the menu put him at ease–he agreed that everything sounded appetizing. In the end, he ordered a taco and loved it! He also ordered a burger which he didn’t love as much: “It’s not that it’s bad,” he said, “It just doesn’t taste like an actual burger.” Oh well, at least he didn’t go hungry.

RFD is a great place to go on a date, because you can chow down on a greasy mexican food and not have a stomach ache after! (Again, not really cheese)

My advise? Make sure you go on a Saturday or Sunday to take advantage of their “Weekend Brunch Menu” (served 10am – 3pm!) And make sure to try one of their smoothies!

All in all, I highly recommend a trip to RFD to anyone–even non-vegan–who is looking for a fun food adventure. Click here to find an RFD location near you!




Happy Friday – November 15th

Five things that made me happy this week:


1. Avicii at the Bowl! Saturday night, my lovely pal Sarah accompanied me to the Avicii show at the Hollywood Bowl. I’m working on a post about the whole thing, because it was incredible, but just incase that never happens I’ll mention it here: what a night!

0000408_purple_cherry_blossom_yoga_mat2. The cute yoga sub. A cute male instructor subbed-in for my regular yoga class on Tuesday. Eeeep! Obviously that makes the Happy Friday list. I can say this here, because there’s no way he’ll ever read it. You know who does read my blog, though? My boyfriend. Hi there, Jer, howsit goin…? :p



3. This video. I’m a huge sucker for dance movies. Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favorites! (Yes, I know it’s not just a movie. I’ve seen the Broadway show too, but the movie is just better. Don’t attack me.) Throw in a gushing couple on their wedding day and I’m a goner.



4. A perfect afternoon. Jeremy and I both had a day off this week, so we spent the afternoon together. We pretended to be little kids for the day: we played in the park, watched a Jim Carrey movie, and had an epic ping-pong tournament! And what would a perfect day be without Yogurtland? So obviously that had to happen too. It was a great day :) (And I’m not just trying to make up for my comment about the cute yoga guy…)



5. Double Marie Claire. Every Wednesday my grandparents come to visit. And my grandfather (most adorable person ever!) always picks me up the new style magazines from the newsstand. He’s been doing it for months now, and I don’t have the heart to tell him that I have my own subscriptions. So every month I just get double magazines. Cutest!