NYFW Part 1

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Having just moved here from California, my first winter in New York has been pretty rough. But, just when I thought I couldn’t be more miserable, New York Fashion Week came along to pick me up! When I posted a couple of Fashion Week pictures on Instagram, emails started flooding in from you guys, requesting more information and coverage. So here you go: Part One of my 2-part NYFW series :)

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I’ll be honest, this was my first time being invited to any NYFW shows. I had attended Los Angeles Fashion Week–but that was the little leagues compared to this! The #1 question I was asked about Fashion Week was, “How do you get invited to shows?” There are two things you can do: 1) work with brands throughout the year, so you’re on their radar when they are sending out invitations 2) call up PR agencies and request tickets.

Not all designers show in Lincoln Center, some host small runways in their showrooms or at studios like Milk, so it doesn’t hurt to reach out to your favorite brands and see if they are having any smaller shows or events that you could attend.

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You need a ticket to enter the Mercedes Benz fashion week tents, but plenty of people go hang out and take pictures outside the venue. No invites? Get dressed up and go take pictures outside the tents–lots of fashion journalists/photographers hang out there, and you might get featured on your favorite websites!

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Once inside, your ticket is scanned and your seat is assigned. Then, you get to enjoy countless activities, booths, freebies, and treats until the show starts. Stay tuned later this week for Part Two of the series–where I show you guys what it’s like to be inside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

IMG_9695 editIMG_9699 editIMG_9703 edit-2Scarf – Choies (on sale!). Leather Jacket – Zara (similar here). Pants – Topshop. Booties – Chloe.


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