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The time has come to share my Hawaii pics! I’ve decided to do it through the eyes of my Instagram–but I’ve also included some shots that I haven’t yet shared–so don’t go thinking you’ve “seen it all” already. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on my behind-the-scenes narration… So, ready to visit Hawaii with me?!


This was the first day I arrived in Honolulu. I literally dumped my suitcase in my room, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and jumped right into the ocean!

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These are the bathroom signs I saw in numerous places throughout the island. They made me smile, so I figured I’d share :)

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I was very adventurous this trip! I kayaked in a lagoon, I paddle boarded, I went snorkeling, and I even went in a shark cage!

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Every day started off with Starbucks and ended with a sunset on the beach–now THAT’s my idea of a vacation.

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This is the Koi pond that I dropped my phone into (right as I was taking this picture!) None of the stores nearby had any rice to soak it in (that helps dry it out) so I ran into a sushi restaurant and got some sushi rice! Thankfully, my phone survived :)

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This was the day I went to Sea Life Park, where I met dolphins, birds, sharks, and seals. Honestly, I was definitely more afraid of the birds than I was of the sharks!

photo_3-31 copy

(This is a totally fake smile. Trying to remain calm.)

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My last morning on the island, I took some last beachside photos, threw on my leggings, and headed to the airport. I got back to New York the same day that Juno (that blizzard) was scheduled to hit, so I had to open my suitcase at baggage claim and do a full wardrobe change before stepping out into the snow.

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All in all, my week in Hawaii was literally the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for allowing me to share it with you guys!! (And shoutout to this sleeping dude next to me on the plane–no, I don’t know him, lol)



  1. Brandi G. says

    Ok, you’re actually the cutest, tiniest, most adorable little person on the planet. I’m obsessed with your blog. Keep posting!

    • Nikki Dror says

      Haha ya that one picture on the rocks where it looks really short, right? Idk, it’s such a big commitment…I’m already wishing it was longer than the length it is now!

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