IMG_2666-edit_I recently made a quick trip to New York to get some of my colder-weather gear out of my storage unit (I needed it for the 2 days it was actually cold in LA…) The piece I was probably most excited to be reunited with: My giant plaid blanket-scarf! :)

IMG_2657-edit_IMG_2658-edit_I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again: a giant blanket-scarf is a lazy girl’s (aka, my) best friend. On days when I really can’t bring myself to get dressed (yes, it happens to me too!), I love to wear this oversized scarf and pretend I’m wrapped in a blanket all day.

IMG_2757-edit_IMG_2655-edit_-2Also, my favorite fashion trends are the ones that allow me to be comfortable and look semi-homeless (baggy jeans, blanket-scarves, Uggs, beanies…)


Scarf – Similar here. Jeans – Top Shop. Sneakers – Adidas. Hat – Similar here.

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