IMG_2666-edit_I recently made a quick trip to New York to get some of my colder-weather gear out of my storage unit (I needed it for the 2 days it was actually cold in LA…) The piece I was probably most excited to be reunited with: My giant plaid blanket-scarf! :)

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In the age of social media and fast-fashion, it’s become pretty hard to dress uniquely–it seems like so many people are following the same trends and clamoring for the same Chloe handbag and Adidas Superstars. The best way to find a piece that’s truly unique and special? Shop vintage!

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Moto Love


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my go-to outfit is usually jeans and a tshirt or sweats. But I am a fashion blogger, after all, so sometimes I gotta throw on a dress and actually put myself together. Through it all, though, I’m still just a glorified tomboy.

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I recently found this houndstooth scarf when I was reorganizing my closet, and I’ve already worn it two days this week. Houndstooth is such a cheeky and fun addition to any outfit–it’s one of my favorite prints.

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Bombs Away


Because I’m so tiny (4’11, remember?), a lot clothes look way too big on me. In the case of this bomber, though, I’m glad it’s oversized–because it’s been keeping me so super warm this season!

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