Pop of Ox


Suedes, leathers, and velvets, oh my! Fall is officially upon us (we’ve even had a few gloomy days here, in Los Angeles!)

One of the colors I am most excited to incorporate into my fall palette would definitely be oxblood/burgundy. It’s such a warm–even festive–color, yet it’s borderline become an accepted neutral for the fall season.

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Hello Autumn


As I’m sure you already know–thanks to countless carefully-posed, autumn-themed Instagram posts–today marks the first official day of fall. To be honest, it’s unseasonably warm here, in Los Angeles, but I’m still slowly trying to incorporate some key autumn pieces into my wardrobe, as I wait for the temps in LA to become a little more latte-appropriate.

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Yolo Bolo


It’s always fun to jump on new trends and try out unique accessories. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of these “bolo” necklaces—We probably have festival trends to thank for that. I’ve been alternating between this one and my velvet choker, depending on whether I’m going for a more casual or dressy vibe. Either way, I’m really glad chocker-style necklaces/ties are back in style. I love the look!

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Rock & Roll


Living in Los Angeles, it’s nearly impossible not to be influenced by the “basic” lifestyle. We drink green smoothies, we are obsessed with boutique fitness classes, and we all wear the same matte lipsticks and white sneakers. Honestly, I love all that! But sometimes it’s fun to be a little darker and dress a little edgier.

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Just in Time


Oh my, I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of stripes lately. This shirt, in particular, is a piece of my everyday wardrobe that is in constant rotation. I especially like stripes on a white background–I find them to be very Parisian and chic.

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