Music Monday – GROUPLOVE

If you have ever been in a car, chances are you’ve heard Tongue Tied on the radio. Numerous times. Possibly hundreds. So you’ll see that I picked this song for my Music Monday and skip over it–


Because while you’ve heard the song on the radio, you probably haven’t seen the music video.

Watch it.

It starts off with a shirtless guy passing out head-first into a kiddie pool, then it shows the story happening backwards to reveal how he ended up there. The suspense kills you, like “What on earth is going on?” Until it all makes sense at the end–er, the beginning.

The first time I saw it, I literally said out loud, “Oh, obviously…that makes sense.” Enjoy.

Click Here to Watch the Video

I Love This City!

“I didn’t know if it was ‘The City of Angels’. I thought it was ‘Lost Angels’–the city of lost souls.”

4-up on 2012-06-25 at 15.41 #9

Love My Town!

“If you’re in it to win it, you just gotta stick with it. Through the good times and the bad times.”

I know it’s not Music Monday, but you need I need to share this–even on a Tuesday!

This is more about the video than the actual song, anyway…Sorry, Jared Leto.

Live in Los Angeles? You’re part of something amazing. This will give you chills and hopefully inspire you to accomplish something amazing today:

Music Monday – Sara Bareilles

Okay, so I’ve decided to nationally cancel Mondays…

I can already tell today is gonna be a rough one — I mean, it isn’t even 8am and I’ve already had to spell out the word “Bareilles”…plus it’s freezing outside. Mehh.

I promise this video will make your Monday a little brighter (i.e. make you want to dance in public) And if it doesn’t then you’re a sociopath, sorry.

“Brave” – Sara Bareilles

Music Monday – Linkin Park

Numb – Linkin Park ( H³²º Dubstep Remix ) <–Click here

Bare with me through the 15 second Tide or Swiffer commercial here, folks. Apparently the companies who advertise on Youtube have caught on that it’s a better investment to make short commercials that don’t qualify for a “skip ad” button. Also, anyone else happen to notice that it’s always an ad for paper towels, laundry detergent, or some other cleaning supply? I’m clearly on Youtube for a reason–please don’t ruin my perfect procrastination by reminding me of the laundry I should be folding…

I love Dubstep remixes with female vocals. Autotune bothers me a lot less when Dubstep’s involved. The images used in these songs are always half-naked girls, am I right? So my “suggested videos” seriously make me look like a perve…but I found the one version of this song that doesn’t have any nudity. So click through and enjoy.

You’ll thank me for this one.