A Hot Dog for Breakfast?

I love breakfast food. Ask any of my friends what my favorite food in the world is, and they’ll tell you it’s waffles! (Or sushi, I’ll accept that as a correct answer too..)

Waffles are just so versatile! I like to substitute bread for waffles and make all sorts of sandwich-creations to start my morning with.

Here’s the one I made today–it’s a breakfast-type spin on a hotdog in a bun, and has under 300 calories:


I start off with Kashi’s 7 grain waffles, Nutella, and an overripe banana (more flavor).

Then I cut the banana in half, and stick the waffle in the toaster. While the waffle is toasting, I eat one of the banana halves (I’m hungry in the mornings!)


Then I spread a tablespoon of Nutella onto the toasted waffle, while it’s still hot so the spread gets all melty and gooey–and delicious!


Next, I place the remaining banana half in the center of the waffle. It usually fits perfectly, but it’s obviously ok if it goes over the edges a bit.


And lastly, I fold the waffle in half around the banana, as shown. It kind of looks like a hotdog in a bun, doesn’t it? And I eat it just like one!

Try it and enjoy!!

Calorie breakdown: 1 waffle – 75…1 tablespoon Nutella – 100…banana (half) – about 52. Total calories: 227


The Graffiti Run


In the past, people ran 5K’s to raise money for charities or to train for other longer runs. Until recently, running a 5K has been a means to an end, but nowadays there are plenty of “themed” runs that even non-runners can participate in just for fun. There are obstacle races (like the famous “Mud Run” and “Wilderness Scramble”) as well as several themed adventure races (like the Hunger Games themed “Run For Your Life 5K”).


Met these lovely ladies in the parking lot. Starting out the day as blank canvases!

Perhaps the most popular type of these new “fun runs” is the color run. This is when participants begin a race wearing white clothing, then run through a 5-Kilometer course where they’re sprayed with colored powder along the way.


Color Explosion

Today Jeremy and I drove out to Pomona, California to participate in a color run known as the Graffiti Run. While we had to register in advance and pay for this race (registration was about $45 per person,) it was definitely worth-it! Upon checking in, we received Graffiti Run t-shirts and sweatbands, we were also each given a packet of colored powder and our race numbers. The race took place at the Los Angeles Fairplex, which is also home to the Auto Club Speedway and the LA County Fair.

Participants were asked to wear white clothing, but some people went so far as to wear white capes, tutus, and wigs! As we all ran the course together, we were ambushed by Graffiti Run volunteers who splashed us with the colored powder. The powder stuck to our clothes, skin, and hair–turning us all into running works of art! The powder used in these races is non-toxic and supposedly won’t stain your clothes (we’ll see when I wash my t-shirt later…)

At the finish line, there was a festival with live music, food vendors, and more color throws. Picture thousands of people throwing different colored powders into the sky–it was incredible! Jeremy and I partied with so many interesting people and had such a blast!


This guy ran the race in a mascot suit!

After I got home, the color rinsed right off my skin and hair, and it didn’t stain my shower at all. The event was well-organized and well-attended. Overall, the entire experience was hugely positive, and I would definitely like do another color run in the future.

Bring some color to your run: Check out the Graffiti Run website! Or look for other color runs in your area, such as The Color Run, Color Me Rad, or Color Vibe.


Real Food Daily


Blissfully singing to radio because he has no idea what he’s in for today…

Date day with Jeremy! When my carnivore boyfriend makes the critical error of allowing me to pick the venue for lunch, where does he end up? At an organic vegan restaurant of course!

As you might already know, I don’t eat meat and most dairy hurts my stomach. If you didn’t already know that, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, that must mean you’re really healthy, because all you eat is salad!” But no, it just means I eat a lot of frozen waffles (Leggo my Eggo!)

real-food-daily-westSo because I’m such a pain in the ass about food, eating out isn’t always so fun for me. That’s why Real Food Daily (RFD) is one of my favorite restaurants. The menu seems like a typical menu with all the regular offerings (omelets, hamburgers, pizza, burritos…) but everything served at RFD is 100% vegan-friendly! “Vegan” means that the food doesn’t contain any ingredients that come from an animal. This is so much fun for me, because I can order bacon or nachos and none of it will hurt my stomach (it’s really soy meat and soy cheese!) It was so exciting to look at the menu and not hav627e to automatically rule-out any of it. I could order anything I wanted!

Feeling like a kid in a candy store, I ordered a BLT on a spinach-tortilla wrap.

While I was super happy being at RFD, I was honestly pretty nervous about bringing Jeremy there. I felt like it could have been a major fail of a date…But while he was (understandably) skeptical about the whole “vegan thing,” seeing the menu put him at ease–he agreed that everything sounded appetizing. In the end, he ordered a taco and loved it! He also ordered a burger which he didn’t love as much: “It’s not that it’s bad,” he said, “It just doesn’t taste like an actual burger.” Oh well, at least he didn’t go hungry.

RFD is a great place to go on a date, because you can chow down on a greasy mexican food and not have a stomach ache after! (Again, not really cheese)

My advise? Make sure you go on a Saturday or Sunday to take advantage of their “Weekend Brunch Menu” (served 10am – 3pm!) And make sure to try one of their smoothies!

All in all, I highly recommend a trip to RFD to anyone–even non-vegan–who is looking for a fun food adventure. Click here to find an RFD location near you!