Butterfly Skull


Shoes. My closet is full of ‘em! When I see a stunning pair of strappy, completely impractical heels like these, I can’t resist buying them. And yeah, I feel like a celebrity when I run errands in heels–but at the end of the day I’d rather just wear sneakers. And with an awesome pair of sneakers, like theseĀ Adidas, come my cool graphic tees.

It’s funny to me: I can spend a ton of money on fancy blouses or pretty sweaters–but I always get the most compliments on cheap graphic tees from the mens section. This butterfly skull, for example, is from the mens section of H&M–and it’s my favorite! Every time I wear it, people stop me on the street/subway/elevator to tell me how cool it is. It makes me laugh how much effort I sometimes put into trying to look cool, when the coolest thing I can do is throw on a boy’s tshirt and some sneakers.

Somebody please remind me of this next time I’m panicking about having nothing to wear to a party!
IMG_7933_edit IMG_7992_edit IMG_8021_edit IMG_8057_edit IMG_8059_edit_1 IMG_8084_edit

IMG_7936_edit IMG_8092_edit

T-Shirt: H&M (similar here). Skirt: H&M (similar here). Shoes: Adidas. Clutch: Urban Outfitters.


  1. Asha says

    ohhh I was searching for this tee for a time now and I found it in the men’s section so I was dying to see if they made one for women …unfortunately they did not ..I have seen it in a drama and its amazing …I don’t have the courage to wear it if it is for men …i dont know …it looks so cool on u though !!

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