Bachelorette Weekend with David’s Bridal!


This past weekend my bridesmaid Donna and maid of honor Shoshi teamed up with David’s Bridal to take me on the most fun and relaxing Bachelorette getaway you could possibly imagine!



On Friday, the three of us piled into a car full of food and suitcases and drove off to a beach house in Oxnard, California for some much-needed girl time. The weekend was complete with palm trees, manicures, outlet shopping, and a trip to the spa!

I’ve been working with David’s Bridal a lot in terms of my wedding prep in general, and they’ve been insanely accommodating and helpful (and haven’t made me feel crazy, even though I certainly have been at times, during my engagement.) My bridesmaids all know how stressed out I was when I found out that my entire engagement was shorter than the usual lead-time for ordering the bridesmaid dresses I wanted…But David’s Bridal really helped me out, and they managed to get me all my maids’ dresses in time! Seriously, they’ve taken such good care of me from Day 1! That’s why I wasn’t surprised when they sent me all these fun bachelorette¬†photo props and decorations to play with over the weekend! (They just know how to make engagements super fun like that :) )






Shop the Props! 
DIY Tassel Garland Set .... Shot Glasses, Sash, Tiaras .... Photo Props



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