A Hot Dog for Breakfast?

I love breakfast food. Ask any of my friends what my favorite food in the world is, and they’ll tell you it’s waffles! (Or sushi, I’ll accept that as a correct answer too..)

Waffles are just so versatile! I like to substitute bread for waffles and make all sorts of sandwich-creations to start my morning with.

Here’s the one I made today–it’s a breakfast-type spin on a hotdog in a bun, and has under 300 calories:


I start off with Kashi’s 7 grain waffles, Nutella, and an overripe banana (more flavor).

Then I cut the banana in half, and stick the waffle in the toaster. While the waffle is toasting, I eat one of the banana halves (I’m hungry in the mornings!)


Then I spread a tablespoon of Nutella onto the toasted waffle, while it’s still hot so the spread gets all melty and gooey–and delicious!


Next, I place the remaining banana half in the center of the waffle. It usually fits perfectly, but it’s obviously ok if it goes over the edges a bit.


And lastly, I fold the waffle in half around the banana, as shown. It kind of looks like a hotdog in a bun, doesn’t it? And I eat it just like one!

Try it and enjoy!!

Calorie breakdown: 1 waffle – 75…1 tablespoon Nutella – 100…banana (half) – about 52. Total calories: 227


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