Rock & Roll


Living in Los Angeles, it’s nearly impossible not to be influenced by the “basic” lifestyle. We drink green smoothies, we are obsessed with boutique fitness classes, and we all wear the same matte lipsticks and white sneakers. Honestly, I love all that! But sometimes it’s fun to be a little darker and dress a little edgier.

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Summer Travel Inspo

Slide1I can’t believe that it’s about to be June and summer is really here! Since it’s our first summer as a married couple, Jeremy and I really want to take some time off to do some travelingWe haven’t finalized our itinerary just yet, but obviously I’d like to travel somewhere fashionable. So while Jeremy works on the logistics of our trip, I’ve been dreaming about some of the most fashionable cities in the world and what I’d wear in each one.

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Just in Time


Oh my, I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of stripes lately. This shirt, in particular, is a piece of my everyday wardrobe that is in constant rotation. I especially like stripes on a white background–I find them to be very Parisian and chic.

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IMG_2666-edit_I recently made a quick trip to New York to get some of my colder-weather gear out of my storage unit (I needed it for the 2 days it was actually cold in LA…) The piece I was probably most excited to be reunited with: My giant plaid blanket-scarf! :)

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